Step by Step Ajax tutorial for Beginners
Brief Introduction to Ajax:
Ajax is the Latest Technology which is used in Web Application Development.
Ajax is not popular until Google use that. In the year 2005 Google use's AJAX in Gmail, Google Search and GoogleMaps etc makes ajax popular.
Use of AJAX:
AJAX is used to build a dynamic website without reloading a page, menus or images etc. 
Also its very faster and save resources.
Processing of web page is on Server side using web services, JSP or PHP Scripts.
For example, fields of forms, choices of user, may be processed and the result displayed immediately into the same page. 

What is Ajax?
Ajax is defined as Asynchronous Javascript XML.
If you need a fastest website use ajax.
Look and feel is good.

XML Extensible Markup Language is a very good option for programmers because using xml we can parse all kind of results using AJAX.
In my Example's i used ordinary methods like innerHTML for displaying results in Html Format.
Each and every Program and example's of this is using JavaScript. By using DIV i displayed dynamic results and Many more so you can have a look at all things below.